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Hey there, I’m Tavish Archer, and I hail from the lively city of Jackson, Mississippi. I’m your go-to guy for all things fun and thrilling in the world of recreational games. From paintball to laser tag, gel blaster, orbeez gun, splatter ball gun, airsoft gun, darts, nerf gun—you name it, I’ve mastered it. My journey into these heart-pounding activities began when I was knee-high, and my enthusiasm has only skyrocketed since then.

As a kid, I was always the one seeking adventure and embracing the great outdoors. Laser tag entered my life thanks to my buddy Erik, and from that moment, I was absolutely hooked. The rush of adrenaline, the need for strategy, and the camaraderie—all blended to create an experience that was nothing short of amazing. And guess what? The excitement didn’t stop at laser tag; it extended to every nook and cranny of recreational games.

Fast forward to today, and I’ve dabbled in paintball, airsoft, and now, the newest addition to my arsenal—gel blasters and electronic darts. With over a decade of experience, I’ve not only played in countless tournaments but also clinched a few victories. This hands-on experience has made me a sought-after player and coach in the recreational gaming scene.

What’s my secret sauce for loving these games? Well, for starters, they keep me on my toes and in great shape. Then there’s the mental workout—critical thinking and problem-solving at their finest. Throw in some teamwork and relationship-building, and you’ve got a winning combo. And let’s not forget the sheer joy and escapism these games provide from the daily grind.

Drawing from my extensive experience in paintball, laser tag, and gel blasters, I teamed up to create ThrilloGaming—a blog packed with tips, guides, strategies, reviews, and gear comparisons. If you’re all about safe, indoor, or outdoor shooting games loaded with fun and adventure, head over to ThrilloGaming.com. Trust me; you’re in for a treat.

My fellow gaming enthusiasts rely on me because of my deep knowledge and commitment to safety. I ensure everyone knows the ins and outs of the game rules, sports the right gear, and plays in a safe environment. Newbie? No worries—I’m always here to offer advice and support.

Speaking of exciting updates, I recently snagged the well-known hawaiiextremepaintball.com, a site dedicated to paintball and airsoft enthusiasts. I’ve merged it with ThrilloGaming, aiming to create a kick-ass community. Wish me luck—it’s going to be epic!

In a nutshell, my love affair with recreational games has only intensified. I’m proud to be your go-to expert, sharing my passion and know-how. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just dipping your toes, I guarantee you’ll find these games as electrifying and enjoyable as I do. So, let’s suit up and dive into the adventure!

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My Favorite Recreational Sports



Paintball is a recreational sport in which players eliminate opponents from play by hitting them with spherical dye-filled pellets, which are expelled from paintball markers. It can be played in various forms, but the most common is “elimination” or “capture the flag,” where the goal is to eliminate all opponents or capture the opponent’s flag, respectively. Paintball games are usually played in outdoor environments, and players wear protective masks and clothing to minimize injury. It requires strategy, teamwork, and quick thinking, making it a popular choice for recreational activities.

laser tag

Laser Tag

Laser tag is a recreational sport or activity that simulates combat games like paintball, but instead of using paintballs, players use guns that emit infrared beams. The beams are detected by sensors worn by other players or on the playing field, and a “hit” is registered when the beam strikes a sensor. The objective of laser tag games can vary, but common goals include capturing a flag or eliminating all opponents. Laser tag can be played indoors or outdoors and is a popular choice for birthday parties, corporate events, and family fun. The infrared beams used in laser tag are safe and do not cause injury, making it a great option for players of all ages.

gel blaster

Gel Blaster

Gel blaster is a type of recreational shooting sport that uses replica firearms that fire soft gel pellets. These replica firearms are designed to be used in a safe and controlled environment and are not meant to be used as real firearms. Gel blasters are often used in outdoor and indoor scenarios where players can engage in tactical games with friends and other players. The soft gellets used in gel blasters do not cause any serious injury and are safe for use in most scenarios. However, it’s important to follow the safety guidelines and regulations established for the use of gel blasters in your area.

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